Sustainability is one of my top priorities and I am always looking for ways to make my products and packaging materials as low-waste and easily recyclable as possible. An "eco-card" outlining the ways to dispose of each part of my packaging is included in every order to make sure nothing ends up in the trash if it can be avoided.

The card stock I use to print my greeting cards is made of 100% recycled Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) and is recyclable along with the envelope. My notepads are produced locally in Montreal on 100% recycled paper. As of now, the backing paper on my stickers and sticker sheets is unfortunately non recyclable.

My packaging is 100% plastic-free: I use glassine envelopes, which are recyclable and biodegradable, to ship most of my products. My rigid mailers, envelopes and packing tape are also made of recycled materials and I try to use stamps instead of stickers to further reduce waste. If I do use stickers on my packaging, they are recyclable.


For products sold in boutiques or trade shows, I use compostable clear sleeves to present the product better. These sleeves are made of PLA and are compostable in industrial facilities. Unfortunately, this material is not recyclable, so if you can't dispose of it properly in the compost, please try to reuse it or put it in the trash.

For any questions regarding the materials I use, please don't hesitate to contact me.